Saudi girls prefer to marry children of this Arab nationality for these reasons that shocked millions of Saudis! !

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A psychological and family consultant said that it was not surprising that some Saudi women would marry foreigners, revealing that Egyptians preferred the preferences of women who interacted with them.

The psychological and family consultant, Dr. Zahra Al-Moabi, indicated that she encourages the marriage of Saudi women to foreigners, especially in light of the new regulations, which require treating the children of Saudi Arabia as citizens, while granting the mother custody,

which ensures that her children stay with her, even in the event of separation. Al-Moabi said that the recent tendency of Saudi women to marry foreigners is due to several reasons, including that “the foreigner is more comfortable than the Saudi husband.”

And she continued, explaining: “The Saudi often does not treat her as a queen in her home, and it is a little harsh,” adding that the foreigner “sympathizes with her also because she is his sponsor,” and according to Al-Muabi,

The foreigner’s treatment of his Saudi wife is different from his treatment of her if she is of the same nationality, because the Saudi wife is considered “his guardian,” according to her expression, and she continued with a laugh: “That is why he sits politely and calmly.”

Al-Moabi stated that she “recently noticed a demand for marriage from foreigners,” noting that the success of these marriages depends on the availability of a set of conditions in the husband.

She said: “The Saudi girl should choose a husband with specifications that guarantee her stability and happiness.”

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Al-Moabi noted that the Egyptians come at the forefront of Saudi women’s preferences, according to what you know of marriages with foreigners, while the Lebanese come in second place, considering that the main reason behind this is the “sweetness of the tongue” of the people of the two countries. And she continued, “Women by nature want attention and sweet talk.”

A doctor who married a Lebanese Christian, after she convinced him to convert to Islam, said that the man she chose is a refined personality who helps the woman succeed, adding that she always finds him next to her, “and he also knows when to speak and when to be silent, my husband is very sophisticated and affectionate in dealing.”

As for “M, J”, an employee who is married to an Egyptian and has 4 daughters from him, she expressed her happiness with her good choice, explaining that her husband is “very calm and obedient.”

On the contrary, a teacher who married a foreigner said that she paid the price for her wrong choice, as the man she thought was good for his “sweetness of his tongue” fled after several years to his country, leaving her three children, who have no source of income, according to the newspaper “Ujil”.

She added, “I resorted to the Human Rights Commission, and recently the court ruled to separate me from him after his absence.”

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