Saudi Prince MBS once made a noise by climbing to the roof of the Kaaba

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Lord Arab Saudi, Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), once made a public commotion after climbing onto the roof of the Kaaba in Mecca.

The incident occurred in 2019. At that time, MbS visited the Kaaba in order to check the progress of the renovation of the Grand Mosque complex.

However, the visit sparked widespread criticism that the hashtag “Mohammed bin Salman in the Holy Mosque” echoed on Twitter.

One of the critics is the Saudi feminist group. They considered MBS’s visit to places of worship to be political in order to appease conservative Saudi Muslims after reforming policies.

“MbS was in Mecca to discuss the future expansion of the holy mosque. This is not surprising given the backlash that MbS received for his freedom reforms,” ​​said one feminist activist, Amani Al Ahmadi.

Some accused MbS of treating the sacred site like a private garden.

“Muslims around the world are outraged to see the brutal killer of MbS strolling over the Kaaba like a park,” said MbS opponent @ArabianRepublic.

He then said, “#Saudi Dictator Regime is using the Kaaba as private property, which should be managed by the Muslim World #Saudi Democracy.”

Another critic who identified himself as Yemeni Salafist called MbS a criminal.

Quoted Times of Israelhe was also one of those who criticized the visit because the authorities forced to expel worshipers who were praying at the Grand Mosque.

Since being appointed Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, heir to the throne and the country’s de facto leader, MbS has continued to make new moves from allowing women to drive, to enlisting in the military, to allowing them to live alone without a guardian.

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This has angered many conservative Saudi Muslims because they think MBS is trying to turn Saudi Arabia into a liberal state.

Apart from that, MbS was also widely criticized because it was strongly suspected of being the mastermind of the murder of its Saudi journalist critic. Jamal Khashoggi, at the Saudi consulate building in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2018.


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