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The authors of the video clip, director Paulius Dragūnas and cameraman Mantrimas Šeškus, convey the mood created by the musical sounds of the composer Donatas Petreikis.

The hero of the video clip became the artist (actor Vytautas Suslavičius), giving his friends portraits of his own friends and, at the same time, the time spent together. The video reveals the importance of friendship to a person, highlights the meaning and significance of building relationships and giving.

“It is interesting that in the creative process with the cameraman Mantrim Šeškus, we experienced the full range of nuances of friendship. We also experienced a break in communication, but after overcoming the challenges, we are happy again with a beautiful relationship, ”P. Drūnas shared his memories of the creative process.

In the director’s words, it is no coincidence that Senolis became the main hero of the video – the creators wanted to emphasize that the relationship-building ritual is not only an integral part of friendship, but also a gift – whether you are young or mature.

Donatas Petreikis, the author of the music “Time at Home”, also emphasized the importance of the time spent with dear people. He said he contained the happiness and joy he experienced with his family in the piece.

You can see the video here:

VIDEO: Saulius Petreikis World Orchetra – Time Home

“I wrote this piece while waiting for my trip home. I live in Denmark, so I experience moments when I really want to meet my family. Not only this tune, but its name betrays longing and joy when you return home. I don’t know what could change this feeling, “said D. Petreikis.

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Director P.Dragūnas and cameraman M.Šeškus revealed that listening to D.Petreikis’ composition, he wanted to feel the mood and convey it in images.

“We listened to the work a lot of times and thought about how we felt, so we rewrote the script of the video more than once,” he said. According to P.Dragūnas, the flow of music in this work is undulating, slowly approaching its climax. It gives warmth to the soul and at the same time conveys a sense of approaching home.

Photo by Rytis Šeškaitis / A moment in the video clip “Time at Home”

“The most beautiful place in this work for me is the one where the music intensifies, and when the culmination is reached, only the angelic vocals of Saulius Petreikis remain. It is so close and warm – it inspires me to give, to be better “, – P. Drūnas shared his impressions about the music of” Time at Home “.

The video “Time at Home” reveals a snowy winter landscape. P.Dragūnas said that the hero of history is only one of the elders, who has the same beard as the majority, but he definitely raises associations with Santa Claus.

“It seems to me that not only Santa Claus, but also each of us can give warmth and cozy time together. In a sense, the hero of our history is Santa Claus, who spreads goodness and invites us to do it, ”P. Drūnas shared his thoughts.

Photo by Rytis Šeškaitis / A moment in the video clip “Time at Home”

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According to the director, the houses acquire a philosophical meaning in this story – they are where Senolis creates them by cycling. The hero of the story visits a once-loved woman and long-seen friends.

The portraits sketched in pencil become a big picture in the course of history, which symbolizes both a material and a spiritual gift and invites you to create coziness and see a miracle in simple things. Not only too Christmas, but all year round. And Time Home music speaks for itself.


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