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Recently UkeyDeal online software sales website launchedSpring limited time good healthActivity, in terms of Office 2021 Professional Edition, the lowest special price is only NT$483 for a set, and the discount is as high as more than 90%, including the special price of Office. Can the special price of Windows be used? Can I buy it?

Ah Hui actually purchases and tests here, and then analyzes and discusses with you. If you don’t recommend buying or you need to pay attention, you will be honestly reminded, and follow the announcement of Microsoft Taiwan as a reference for judging whether it is legal or not. Some common problems are also available. Will answer for everyone.

Save more than 90% UkeyDeal spring limited time special?Can you use the actual test to share + can you buy and buy opinions@3C Daren Liao Ahui

Preferential office software Office, as low as NT$483 Actual measurement and analysis

There is also a Mac version of Office to choose from,Use discount code:SUKD55

The minimum operating system required for installation is NT$199. Actual measurement and analysis

In addition to the general Windows version, there are also enterprise and server versions, please enter when purchasingdiscount codeSUKD50

  • Ah Hui’s opinion:Some Windows sales websites do not indicate which version belongs to retail / OEM / VLK mass authorization. After purchasing multiple sets, I found that the serial number of each set is a different independent serial number. Therefore, it should not be the serial number of VLK mass authorization, but look at the sales website. It can only be installed on a new computer and cannot be transferred. Win10 can be successfully installed and passed the official verification and startup, so it can be confirmed that it is the real key serial number of Microsoft; but note that if it belongs to OEM transfer authorization, it may be a random version or The serial number of the OEM version, if UkeyDeal does not sell this serial number together with the hardware, it is illegal to sell this serial number according to Taiwan Microsoft, and UkeyDeal needs to be held legally responsible. The method is different; although it is very cheap to buy Win 10 at almost 10% of the price in Taiwan, you still need to pay attention to your own discretion when buying.

    Save more than 90% UkeyDeal spring limited time special?Can you use the actual test to share + can you buy and buy opinions@3C Daren Liao Ahui

A very practical combination is the combination package of Windows and Office. It will be cheaper to buy it together. You can also consider buying it together. Please use the discount code when purchasing SUKD55

Other Special Offer Software Ahui Recommendations and Suggestions

Here is also a list of some special discounted utility software on the UkeyDeal website. Basically, many of them are highly recommended by Ah Hui. The following items that Ah Hui has purchased and recommended will be specially marked for your reference. You don’t need to enter a discount code to buy in this area.

Other FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions from readers:

    • Q: What should I do if I haven’t received or lacked the serial number after purchase?
    • Answer: It is recommended to check the spam mailbox first, if there is still no information, please write directly to the website customer service, customer service Email: [email protected]
  • Q: Can the customer service be contacted in Chinese?
  • A: Although UkeyDeal is a foreign shopping website, it provides complete customer service in Chinese. If consumers need consultation or assistance when purchasing products, they can directly send letters to the customer service mailbox to quickly get solutions to problems. If you have any questions, you can also contact the website customer service. UkeyDeal has a professional customer service team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any questions, you can contact UkeyDeal immediately!

  • Q: Do I need to buy a new serial number for Windows refill?
  • Question: If you don’t change the hardware (mainly the host version), you don’t need to re-enter the serial number if you have already activated and logged in to the MS account binding. When refilling, skip the serial number input in the installation process and enter the system after installation After connecting to the Internet, it will be automatically enabled; if you change a computer, you need to purchase a new serial number.
  • Q: The serial number cannot be successfully activated or the number of authorizations has reached the limit?
  • Answer: Office 2019 can only be used on Windows 10 or above. If you are using Windows 7 operating system, please purchase the Office 2016 version. Of course, you can also contact customer service for inquiries
  • Q: What about the language of the software?
    Answer: Regardless of whether Windows or the full version of Office is multilingual, Ah Hui himself installed traditional Chinese for testing.

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