Savings accounts begin to take off: this way you can earn more than 3% APR without requirements

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Making savings profitable is becoming easier every day. While a few years ago, you had to take the risk of investing in the stock market to multiply your money, since the European Central Bank began to raise its interest rates, banks have begun to improve the remuneration of their accounts. So much so that, currently, there are paid accounts that can be contracted from Spain and offer returns of up to 3.25% APR. This profitability, although not exorbitant, allows you to generate profits without making any effort.

“Banks offer a wide range of paid savings accounts, and we must take advantage of them. Having our money in accounts that do not generate interest is a mistake, because these savings lose value as inflation increases,” they emphasize from the financial comparator HelpMyCash. .com. But what is a savings account and which ones offer the best returns?

A savings account is a type of bank account designed specifically to store money. Unlike a regular bank account, these accounts generally pay interest to holders for depositing their savings there.

Another advantage is its security. The money deposited in these accounts is guaranteed by both the bank and the Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD) of the country where it is located. “This means that if you have up to 100,000 euros in a savings account in the same bank, your money is protected,” they explain from HelpMyCash. Furthermore, unlike a bank deposit, savings accounts allow you to withdraw money at any time. For this reason, they have become one of the favorite savings instruments of the most conservative profiles.

One of the most interesting returns at the moment is offered by the Italian Banca Progetto, with 3.25% APR. This account does not charge commissions or require requirements and is 100% online. In addition, it is protected by the Italian Deposit Guarantee Fund. But the minimum amount to hire it is 10,000 euros and the maximum is 100,000.

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