Savoy. The FCPE launches a petition against the abolition of a class at Collège Maurienne

More than 300 signatories on the Internet

The Federation of Parents of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, led by Geraldine Julliard, has launched a petition a few days ago. It has already collected 316 signatures (as of Sunday, February 21) and 75 comments.

The petition explains what “does [pour les parents d’élèves signataires] the elimination of a class: overloaded breaks, teachers will not be able to teach fully because less availability for each student, health measures difficult to apply, less attentive students, tired teachers, fewer half-year classes groups, no language laboratories, some subjects will be neglected ”. She concludes by saying that “education needs resources, teachers need resources. No to education from below ”.

Teachers in solidarity with parents

Several teachers notably signed the petition. One of them explains in a comment that he signed because he “does not accept having less means to help my students to progress”. Another says she is “necessarily angry” against this announcement, being also directly concerned. The majority of the other signatories of the petition are parents of students at Collège Maurienne, former, current or future young people of 4e.

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