Says Ahmad Sahroni ran out of IDR 30 billion to hold him, Adam Deni: Be careful if you want to run for governor

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Adam Denny Gearaka suspects that members of the DPR RI, Ahmad Sahronispent more than IDR 30 billion to bribe a number of parties to detain him.

It is delivered Adam Denny in the trial verdict in North Jakarta District CourtTuesday (28/6/2022).

As known, Adam Denny sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of IDR 1 billion for illegal access to personal documents Ahmad Sahroni.

“I think of it this way, you know. An Adam Deni was detained very expensively, it could be more than Rp. 30 billion for what reason?” Adam said in court, reported by

“My arrest is fast, my handling is fast, my P21 is fast, my demands are also high.”

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“How many tens of billions of US brothers did it take to silence me?” he added.

He also had time to warn Ahmad Sahroni before being taken back to the Bareskrim Police Headquarters detention house.

“My message is made Ahmad Sahronibe careful if you want to nominate the governor of DKI,” he said, quoted from

The plan, today, Wednesday (29/6/2022), Adam Denny will ask his attorney to make a power of attorney signed by him.

The power of attorney was made by Ahmad Deni to check whether there were allegations of bribery Ahmad Sahroni at the North Jakarta District Court.

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