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Sberbank found the culprit of customer data loss

The bank states that the culprit is an employee of the company that managed the "sector in one of the bank's business units," he confessed. The crime would have been discovered in "hours"

Photo: Andrey Gordeev / TASS

Sberbank, along with the forces of the order, identified 200 customers responsible for the loss of personal data. This is indicated in the company's message to RBC.

According to the credit organization, he became a bank employee born in 1991, "the head of the sector in one of the bank's business divisions". The bank states that the employee had access to customer databases and tried to steal customer information "for personal gain".

The largest bank has recognized the loss of customer data

The report states that the employee gave a confession, the forces of the order are carrying out procedural actions with him. The bank has assured that there are no further threats of spillage, except for the data on the cards of 200 clients that have already switched to the network.

"We have taken serious conclusions and radically strengthened the control of the access to work of our systems for bank employees in order to minimize the impact of the human factor," said German Gref, president of the # 39. credit institution, in a note. He stated that the crime was resolved "within a few hours".

Sberbank has named the data loss version of its customers



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