SBU interrogated the priests of the UOC in case of treason – RIA Novosti


MOSCOW, December 5 – RIA news. The employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) questioned 12 priests of the dioceses of Rivne and Sarnensky of the canonical UOC as witnesses of the articles "Betrayal" and "Incitement to interreligious hostility", said the spokesperson of the Inna Ilyuchok direction.

At the same time, he refused to report any information about the interrogators, citing the lack of appropriate permission from the investigator.

Earlier in the diocese of Rovno, the UOC reported that the SBU had called 14 priests for questioning.

SBU from the beginning of the ecclesiastical conflict in Ukraine has repeatedly asked to question the clergy of the UOC. Thus, at the beginning of December, the priests of the diocese of Sarnensky were summoned, in particular the archimandrite Hilarion. On Monday, security services conducted research in cathedrals and priests' homes in the Zhytomyr region. The UOC has announced that it intends to appeal against the actions of the SBU, as well as appeal to the international community in relation to searches and interrogations of the clergy, since the Ukrainian authorities want to force the UOC episcopate to participate in the so-called "council" unifying ".

Previously, the Ukrainian authorities, including the president, said they did not intend to interfere in church affairs. But they always do it. Thus, despite the promises, Poroshenko obtained from Constantinople the recognition of the non-canonical church in Ukraine, which the ROC called divisive. Rada of Ukraine has adopted a law on the transfer of the Church of Sant & Andrea to the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Subsequently, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine deprived the canonical UOC of the right to use the buildings of the Holy Dormition Monastery Pochayev in Kiev. The actions against the Pochaev Lavra indicate that the authorities intimidate the believers of Ukraine, the ROC said. Poroshenko's advisor, Rostislav Pavlenko, went to Istanbul to oversee the synod and meet with the Patriarch of Constantinople on an autocephaly.

Authorities in Kiev and the non-canonical church structure in Ukraine expect to receive a tomos on Autocephaly from Constantinople before the end of the year, but the tomos can only be received by the "united" church priest, must be chosen from the Orthodox churches in Ukraine in the "unifying cathedral", whose date has not yet been established. At the same time, the canonical UOC declared that it would not participate in such an event.

Due to the decision of Constantinople to grant autocephaly to the non-canonical church in Ukraine, which has been called a rift in the ROC, the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on October 15 announced it had lost contact with the Patriarchate of Constantinople throughout the territory canon of the ROC, including Ukraine and Belarus.

The Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church defined it as canonically insignificant and saw a policy in the abolition of the act of 1686 by Constantinople on the transfer of the metropolis of Kiev to the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate. Metropolitan Hilarion declared that Constantinople had lost the right to be called the coordination center of Orthodoxy. The ROC hopes that Constantinople will change the decision of autocephaly the Ukrainian church, and first it will be in a split.



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