SC detained the former head of Yaroslavl IK-1 and his deputy


MOSCOW, 18 February – RIA news. SC arrested the former head of Yaroslavl IK-1 Dmitry Nikolaev and his deputy Igit Mikhailov with the charge of organizing the beating of an inmate.

Last Saturday, the federal penitentiary service in the region conducted an assistance check in the penal colony n. 1 after finding a new video, which found evidence of violations by inmates and staff of the institution.

In July of last year, Novaya Gazeta published a video provided by the Public Verdict Foundation with a coup de grace of the convicted Yevgeny Makarov. According to her, the incident occurred in June 2017 in the penal colony n. 1 in Yaroslavl.

Subsequently, the FSIN confirmed the time and place of the events recorded in the video. A criminal case of abuse of office was started, all the participants in the scene were identified. After the scandal, the FSIN organized special commissions across the country to check all incidents of violence in the colonies.

At the end of August, Novaya Gazeta, on its website, published a new video on the beating of prisoners, made in Colonial Correctional No. 1. The United Kingdom has opened a criminal case. The video, as well as the report of Makarov's beatings, was distributed by the Public Verdict Fund.

It was established that on November 29, 2016, in the UKIN IK-1 of Russia in the Yaroslavl region, special events were held during which the officers of UFSIN beat the prisoners with hands, feet and sticks of rubber. In this case, arrested two employees of the colony number 8.

Both criminal cases are brought together in one proceeding, as part of the investigation, 15 FPSIN officials were arrested. Makarov is a victim in the case, even in the courts for the arrest of the accused sounded the name of the second victim – Nikolaev. Later, the attorney of the Public Verdict Foundation, Irina Biryukova, told RIA Novosti that two more victims appeared in the case, their names – Tarnovsky and Gukosyan.



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