SC Paderborn: Because of cooperation with RB Leipzig – fans threaten with boycott


Fans of Bundesliga rookie SC Paderborn threatened with a boycott because of the announced cooperation with RB Leipzig. “Should the cooperation with RB Leipzig be implemented, the active fan scene will stay away from the games of the SC Paderborn 07 for the time being.” Our love of the association and the decades of support dies on the day of an RB-Leipzig cooperation “, it says in a published statement, which is supported by six fan organizations. The SC lists around 40 official and unofficial fan clubs on its website.

Background: On Tuesday, the change from Paderborn's sports director Markus Krösche became known to RB. In addition, a co-operation between both clubs was decided, with the aim to “support themselves and make the best possible use of the available sporting potential”, as stated in a statement by the SC.

In the course of cooperation, it is conceivable that players will be loaned in the future only to Paderborn, before they bring them to Leipzig, said RB's CEO Oliver Mintzlaff. Among other things, the cooperation relates to an exchange in the scouting area.

“Loss of the soul and identity”

The fans now call on the Paderborn club management to refrain from the cooperation. The statement goes on to say: “Any sporting benefits are dearly paid for by the loss of the soul and identity of our down-to-earth football club.”

In addition, the public relations of the association on this issue and the lack of involvement of the fans and members was criticized. In addition, the cooperation “endangers in our view the fair competition considerably”.

RB was founded in 2009 by the shower company Red Bull, then the club managed the march from the league in the Champions League. Leipzig is accompanied again and again by protests by opposing fan camps.

Not always, these were peaceful: In early 2017 Dortmund rioters had attacked around a BVB home game Leipzig fans with stones and bottles, in the stadium was the rejection of the RB project with sometimes tasteless posters expressed.


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