Scandal after Połomski’s funeral. The musician’s family is hurt

Jerzy Połomski died November 14 shortly after knee surgery. Although at first it seemed that the procedure was successful and everything went according to plan, soon the artist’s condition worsened. The musician was hospitalized with an infection.

Scandal after Połomski’s funeral. The musician’s family is hurt

There were serious complications after the operation Doctors were unable to save the singer. On November 23, the relatives of the deceased said goodbye to him during a funeral mass in the church of St. Cross in Krakowskie Przedmieście.

Połomski was buried in Aleja Zasłużonych in Stare Powązki in Warsawwhere he was buried in the family grave. The funeral ceremony was attended by the singer’s friends from the Veteran Artist’s House in Skolimów, where the musician spent his last moments of life, as well as the composer Czesław Majewski and the president of ZASP – Krzysztof Szuster.

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The artist rarely mentioned his contacts with his family, which is why many people thought that the singer had no one close to him. However, the editors of “Super Express” reached Mrs. Małgorzata, niece of Jerzy Połomski, and her daughter, Katarzyna.

Połomski’s family omitted at the artist’s funeral

The women explained that for years they had contact with Połomskibut recently telephone calls had to suffice.

We used to sing together and play the piano together. Later, when he could no longer drive a car, and his grandmother’s health was constantly deteriorating, contacts were more frequent by phone says Mrs. Catherine.

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The Połomski family she didn’t know that the musician had a manager. Recently, contact with Połomski broke off due to his condition Our relationship has deteriorated over the last four years. Uncle did not answer the phone, refused to help, it was impossible to reach him. We didn’t know about the existence of the manager at all she added.


Połomski’s relatives attended the funeral, but confessed that it was not an easy experience for them, not only because of the loss of their uncle – We were completely removed from the organization of this funeral, we had nothing to say – emphasizes the sad Katarzyna in an interview with “Super Express”.

– The president’s adviser offered his condolences to a foreign woman, manager, employee of the deceased, while the deceased’s family sat right behind her he adds.

In turn, Mrs. Katarzyna’s mother, Mrs. Małgorzata, regretfully announced that Jerzy Połomski’s family was bypassed as if it did not exist.

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