Scandal in an X car model in autonomous driving mode


Two people filmed an explicit sexual scene while driving their Tesla Model X model on a highway in one of the United States, the video showed that the car was in "self-driving" mode, where the video had been published on a porn site, Towards the company and towards the subject.

According to METRO, Tesla has recently added software updates slowly to its vehicles to make the "autonomous driving" feature more independent. Once enabled, it allows the car to control its driving and traffic without any intervention by the driver. The pilot was designed to help people drive, not full control, as the company is advised to rely completely on the car to drive alone.

The company also added a request for drivers to get their hands on the wheel after several accidents caused by people who thought the car would drive itself. In March, shots appeared showing the driver of a sleeping Tesla while his car was driving quickly on a busy road 75 miles now, The unidentified man photographing falling asleep while the electric car was driving on a motorway in La Pointe , in California, using the autopilot function, and so far Tesla has not commented on the accident.

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