Scandal in Heidi Klum’s show: Lijana gets out in the live final

Extremely calculating

In the previous episodes, the young model was extremely ambitious and calculating. Insults on the net were not long in coming. The evil sayings and threats are also the reason why the 24-year-old gets out.

Heidi and the jury were not informed

“I’m going without the final,” said Lijana. She spoke of bullying and “actions against me, against my family, even against my dog”. Only she can determine their value.

She also apologized to competitors for some earlier statements. Klum was surprised by the exit and didn’t really know how to react. The jurors were also perplexed. You actually don’t seem to have known Lijana’s decision in advance.

“That was a brave performance,” said Heidi for decision. “You definitely polarized this season, but what happened to you is definitely going too far.”

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