Scandal model revealed by butt tattoo – thrown out of the country

Dubai police arrested on Saturday eleven women and a photographer after the women posed naked on a balcony in the city.

It was all filmed and posted on YouTube by a private individual, and has since gone viral.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry confirmed over the weekend that the eleven women are Ukrainian citizens.

The Times reports on Wednesday that the women, who risked both imprisonment and fines after the nude stunt, will be deported.

Dubai’s Minister of Justice, Issam Issa al Humaidan, said Sky News that the public prosecutor has completed investigation one, and that those who participated in the stunt will be sent back to Ukraine.

ASS BAR: Woman number nine from the left has an identical tattoo as Yara Graboshchuk. Photo: Police

Distinctive tattoo

In recent days, several of the women have been identified, including Ukrainian lawyer Yana Graboshchuk (27),

When the photos from the nude stunt were posted on social media, several people recognized Graboshchuk’s distinctive butt tattoo.

The 27-year-old has tattooed roses on his left hip and buttocks, and the tattoo is identical to that of one of the women on the balcony.

Graboshchuk has posted several photos from Dubai on her Instagram page, where she shows luxurious dinners, swimming pools and rides in sports cars.

The last photo she posted on Instagram was of herself posing in the sea on Saturday before she was allegedly arrested.

Family taken to bed

The 27-year-old’s family has talked to local media, and says that they had no idea what she was doing in Dubai and that they only thought she was on holiday and took model assignments.

Her brother, Taras (20), says the family was shocked when they discovered that Yana Graboshchuk was one of the women in the scandal video.

– The family did not know what she was actually doing, he says to Ukrainian TSN.

Yana Graboshchuk is said to have had difficulty finding a job as a lawyer, and has therefore worked as a model for the past year.

Risked imprisonment

The nude stunt was not well received in the Emirates, where public kissing and drinking of alcohol has led to people being imprisoned.

Violation of the country’s decency law, which also includes nudity and lewd behavior, can be punished by imprisonment for up to six months and fines of more than 100,000 Norwegian kroner.

The Dubai police warn against such unacceptable behavior, which does not reflect the values ​​and ethics of the emirate society, the police wrote in a press release after the nude stunt.

Sharing pornographic material can also be punished with imprisonment and large fines under the country’s laws – which are based on Islamic law or Shariah.

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