Scandal surrounding Rukh, Shakhtar and Spivakovsky: Rukh apologizes – Football, Grigory Kozlovsky, Igor Dedyshin, Mikhail Spivakovsky, Rukh Lviv, Shakhtar, Championship of Ukraine – Terrikon

Rukh General Director Igor Dedyshin apologized to journalist Mikhail Spivakovsky for a rude Facebook post made by club president Grigory Kozlovsky. The reason was the information released by Spivakovsky that Rukh was losing the base to Shakhtar due to financial difficulties and was negotiating a special mechanism for exchanging players.

Kozlovsky denied this in a mocking style: “It looks like some kind of ridiculous theatrical production. With such a flight of fancy, one can fall to the level of Burbas. Below are only Leonenko’s cats with their insiders.”

“I think that in this way we have crossed the red line in the club’s communication system with media representatives. I promise we will do everything so that this does not happen again in the future,” said Dedyshin.

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