Scandalous behavior! The Frenchwoman explains with a shocking gesture

Eurovision 2023

Sunday, May 14 (09:23)

The key moment of Eurovision 2023 caused great emotions. Also the negative ones. Singer from France – La Zarra – after hearing how many points she receives in the viewers’ vote – commented on this result with an inappropriate gesture.

La Zarra apologized for the misunderstood gesture during the final

Eurovision 2023 came to an end. She turned out to be the winner Loreen from Sweden with the song “Tattoo”which scored a total of 538 points.

Emotions traditionally accompanied the reading of the points – first those from the national juries, and at the very end those awarded by viewers around the world.

There were many surprises during this year’s voting. The Big Five countries failed miserably (with the exception of Italy), occupying distant places.

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La Zarra outraged viewers with her gesture. What did she show to the camera?

Only in 16th place was the singer The Zarra, which this year represented France with the song “Evidemment”. The bookmaker’s favorite for the top position received 54 points from the jurors, and only 50 points from the viewers.

The singer did not hide her disappointment with this decision. While reading the results, she had a sour face, and a moment later the Frenchwoman showed millions of viewers the middle finger.

Viewers outraged by La Zara’s behavior

“Not very sporty attitude of the French singer La Zarra. It’s the complete opposite of what Eurovision represents. I don’t think La Zarra will ever participate in such an event again.”

“La Zarra showed the middle finger to millions of spectators, performers and everyone who gave her the opportunity to present herself. She left the hall before the end of the announcement of the results, which offended all participants.

Not the middle finger from France #Eurovision

trash_italianMay 13, 2023

La Zarra comments on his gesture

The singer commented on what the viewers saw after the competition. “I wanted to thank everyone for their support. I am proud to represent France. I will never forget this amazing adventure. I also wanted to add that the gesture I made was not contemptuous or insulting. Nor was it a middle finger. It is simply a gesture of disappointment, which can be translated as ‘so be it’, I did not intend to shock and provoke. I apologize if it was understood that way, “she wrote on Instagram.

La Zarra’s statement after the Eurovision final

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