News Scandalous protection of Luis Novaresio to Michetti

Scandalous protection of Luis Novaresio to Michetti

Luis Novaresio He did what is best for him in front of Loose Animals and that is to protect the references of Cambiemos every time one of his scandals comes up in the debates. In this case, the journalist Romina Manguel he referred to the audio he made public Horacio Verbitsky in The Rocket to the Moon, which makes public a squeeze of Gabriela Michetti to the head of the AMIA Special Unit, Mario Cimadevilla.


“There is some discomfort because there is a double stick. What about what happened to Gabriela Michetti? What would have happened if you had a recording of the Vice President of the Nation (Cristina Kirchner) talking to the head of the AMIA unit asking that “you are not doing what we ask you”? It’s a scandal “Manguel shot.

Novaresio agreed with his colleague, who continued: “So of course we are concerned if there is a pact of impunity, or if there is a violation of justice, but are we concerned with all or part?”

The driver, visibly uncomfortable with the moment, only managed to stop the course of the conversation and ask what content was left for his program: “I have Alberto, retirees, and Patricia Bullrich, Uruguay, and Alberto, right?”


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