Scary! European Space Authority Says Something Is Watching Us From Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has found a perfectly carved door (Pic Courtesy: NASA). Photo:(Twitter)

JAKARTA, Mars has become mankind’s favorite candidate to search for life next to our solar system. People Mars attacking Earth has been a recurring theme in films and books.

This theme is so popular that it is almost as if we secretly wish planet we were attacked by the Martians. So what about the idea that someone is staring at us from the surface of the red planet?

The idea certainly gives us goosebumps because it shows that while we are busy understanding our neighbors by sending out spaceships, someone (or something) on ​​this planet is paying attention to us.

The latest photo clicked by the European Space Agency (ESA) orbiter definitely looks like that!

But the thrill-seekers among us need to hold their horses for a while because this photo is a huge crater on the Martian surface. Not that it doesn’t look scary.

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the crater almost eye-shaped and complete with a blackened area in the middle. This crater is 30 kilometers wide and is located in a region in the southern hemisphere of Mars. The area was named Aonia Terra.

This region of Mars has many craters that were formed by a massive impact 4 billion years ago. At that time, the solar system was still in its infancy and the planets were forming. These baby planets were hit by massive space rocks wandering the newly formed solar system.

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Earth also destroyed. However, much of the evidence for this ‘bombardment’ has been erased by various natural processes that have been going on for billions of years. (nda/cen)

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