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Many women use tampons during their days, as well as the US Kristina Makris. But when the brand changes, its worst nightmare becomes reality.

All of a sudden, 33-year-old Kristina Makris had a severe headache and the feeling of having met a truck. What had initially dismissed the make-up artist as a harmless infection, the young woman in a life-threatening situation: in the spring of 2018 Makris fought in a Massachusetts hospital (USA) for her life. What was most likely behind the potentially fatal infection is used by almost all women!

Unrecognized infection: doctors have sent the sick woman home

It began two weeks after her period, after the young woman switched from normal to organic tampons: Makris felt sick, felt a bloated lymph node in her groin. He did not think about it, he attributed the symptoms to a harmless infection. A gym injury and a previous vegan diet were a cause in question. What he did not expect: He suffered from a toxic shock syndrome (TSS), which can be caused by toxins in tampons,

When her symptoms did not improve, the young woman was examined at her mother's request in a clinic. The treatment The doctors, however, sent her home with suspected influence – an incorrect diagnosis! Compared to the British news portal Daily Mirror Makris said: "I felt in my soul that something was absolutely wrong".

Due to a toxic shock, the patient had to go into intensive care

However, when his condition worsened, he led Mother Diane to Lahey Hospital in Burlington, Massachusetts. The entire ride of Makris had to pass, until only the bile came out. He recalled, "I could feel my body go down, it was my worst nightmare".

When they arrived at the hospital, doctors gave her four different antibiotics and fluids to increase her blood pressure. It was a total of 15 liters, which the doctors had given her intravenously. But even worse, with great sorrow, the young woman begged for painkillers. Eventually, a rash on the leg caused blood poisoningbecause Makris was transferred to the intensive care unit. "I only remember the surgical team that came running to me and told me I had 45 minutes to decide whether I wanted surgery or not." A decision against it could have cost her left leg.

Cause of toxic shock: swollen mucous membrane damaged by buffer

After the operation, the thirty-three passed with the doctors everything that could lead to his martyrdom. And it quickly became clear that the toxic shock had to come from the organic tampons that had recently changed. "Because they were incredibly dry, I think so When I pull out a tampon, the wall of my vagina has scratched, making it so vulnerable to infection"Kristina Makris told the Daily Mirror.

After being hospitalized for two weeks, Makris was released, but then spent another three months at home to recover. After the shocking incident, the young woman's doctors advised her never to use tampons again. For Makris, however, no option: "(…) Now I feel a shock when I see a tampon".

The woman complains of the pain of the periodand it makes sad discovery,

"It never occurred to me that I could have lost my life for something so trivial".

Emma Soos, nurse and director of the Women's Health Clinic, said that all tampons, organic or otherwise, can be dangerous. "The main reason for women suffering from a toxic shock is that they leave the swabs in the vagina for too long"Organic or not, the risks are the same, but if you have changed the brand of buffer used, this can lead to a reaction if you do not know another product.In Kristina's case, it could have been the cause of how absorbent the product but in this case we can not commit ourselves to a specific cause. "

Kristina Makris survived the toxic shock. Looking back, she said, "It never occurred to me that I did from something as trivial as my life could have been lost".

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