Scene of the crime: Meret Becker says goodbye in 2022


Meret Becker (50) has announced her departure as Berlin “Tatort” Commissioner: From 2022 she wants to devote herself to other artistic tasks and concentrate on new things. 15 episodes will have happened with her. “There were countless wonderful moments with all the colleagues I met, especially my colleague Mark Waschke, whom I would now call a friend, and there were many challenges I would not want to miss,” says the actress of Rundfunk Berlin -Brandenburg (rbb) quoted.

Meret Becker continued: “Nevertheless I was and am a stray, and it is time to continue my curiosity and to try new things.” Since 2015, she plays the Kriminalhauptkommissarin Nina Rubin, which together with Kriminalhauptkommissar Robert Karow (Mark wash) in Berlin goes on a criminal hunt. The Berlin “Tatort: ​​Meta” won a special Grimme Award in 2019.

After a recent crime thriller, there will be five more “crime scene” films with Meret Becker, announced rbb program director dr. Jan Schulte-Kellinghaus: “In the spring of 2022 she will be seen as Nina Rubin for the 15th and last time.” Mark Waschke will continue to investigate as Berlin Commissioner. Who is put to the side, is still open, it goes on. The next Berlin “Tatort: ​​The life after death” runs in the fall in the first.


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