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Oberhausen. In the Bundesliga U19 enters the crucial moment. The playoffs are underway – and in the U19 semi-final, the Revierderby goes up Schalke and Dortmund! THE WEST offers you Schalke – Dortmund a live ticker.

With a 2: 2 in the last league game against the MSV Duisburg BVB he still played the West German championship, he had to give in to his eternal rival. Revenge should now go up in the Under 19 semi-final.

Wednesday (18.15 clock) receives Schalke Dortmund in the first semi-final of the German U19 championship. In every season he won the away team (0: 1, 1: 4). The match will be played at the Niederrhein stadium in Oberhausen.

Schalke – Dortmund: U19 semi-final in the live ticker

Who wins the victory in Revierderby Schalke against Dortmund in the U19 semi-final? Who moves to the final? We accompany the game for you in the live ticker.

Score: Schalke – Dortmund 1: 2 (1: 1)

+++ Update live ticker +++

83 .: Ahmed Kutucu is certainly a resource for Schalke, but today he is unhappy and, above all, too stubborn. He wants to fold the game by himself.

80 .: Post! The offensive player replaced by the BVB, Khadra, pushes to the right, keeps in midfield and hits the outside post.

78 .: Pherai comes into play on the Dortmund side. The game is now a little sleepy. The BVB seems to be satisfied with the brief victory of the first stage, Schalke seems to reach its limits, rethink once again.

74 .: Norbert Elgert reacts with a double change. Biskup comes for Yildiz, Aydin for Barnes.

72 .: Canpolat was still running, this time against sweeping. Dortmund is pushing for 3: 1.

70 .: 5300 spectators arrived at the U19 semi-final at the Niederrhein stadium in Oberhausen.

69 .: Now BVB captain Osterhage from afar. Schalke goalkeeper, Canpolat, raises his fists and clears the corner.

67 .: Only two penalties, now a free kick – are leading today. However, both teams also have problems finding clear opportunities out of the game.

64: TOOOOOOOOR for Borussia Dortmund!

… do it cool! Aydinel, already in the league the best Goalgetter of Borussia, shoots the unbearable ball in the lower left corner. 2: 1 for Dortmund!

63 .: The top scorer Raschl is knocked down in an excellent position by a Schalke. Aydinel prepares the ball …

59 .: Dortmund's Ferjani throws his arms on the ball to stop Kutucu. He leaves without warning.

54 .: By the way, there are no rules for away goals like in the European Cup at the U19 playoffs. The far goal of the BVB is therefore just as valuable as Schalke's draw.

50 .: Chance BVB! Robin Kehr prevails on the left, penetrates the penalty area and fails at an acute angle with Canpolat. And the Schalke Keeper also takes the right corner safely.

46 .: The second half is running!

45th time in Oberhausen – In the first round, the BVB deserved to take the lead. The flattering balance brought S04 back into the game.

45 .: Also at Borussia Dortmund the goal showed the effect. The game is again more open and wild.

41 .: The penalty converted was Hawryluk's first target shot. And promptly Schalke compensates.

38. TOOOOOOOR for Schalke 04!

The standard shooter and captain Görkem Can grabs the ball and pushes it nervously low down right inside. The Dortmund Hawryluk goalkeeper was in the wrong corner.

37 .: ELFMETER for Schalke! A controversial decision. The S04 Barnes player drops after a duel in the area, but contact with the opponent is not punishable. Schalke doesn't care

35 .: Incidentally, the second stage will increase on Monday. Also on Monday (19 clock) he then receives the BVB S04.

30 .: The top scorer Raschl, among the other, belongs to the next season's professional football team. He has already signed a contract with Borussia Dortmund.

27 .: With the guidance of the BVB he also took the scepter and can now run the ball. Miners must first crawl from the stop.

25 .: An undeserved guide for "guests". Although Schalke has more game odds, but Dortmund has had great opportunities.

22 .: TOOOOOOR for BVB!

Tobias Raschl takes responsibility, fails Canpolat, but the rebound lands again at the shooter's feet. With the margin on the empty Raschl lens has no problems.

21 .: ELFMETER for Borussia Dortmund! Bakir throws the ball on the foot past the Schalke goalkeeper Canpolat, who knows how to help only with a foul.

19 .: Aydinel forgives the enormous opportunity to lead the BVB. Pena Zauner goes straight to the bottom line, flat on Aydinel, who beat the ball standing four meters past the gate. With a thoughtful conclusion, it would have been a sure success.

15 .: The BVB seems to concentrate initially on a stable job against the ball and a quick counterattack.

11 .: On the other side a free kick for Schalke. Umut Yildiz suffered a foul, a good position at 25 yards from the goal. But Kutucu hits the ball in the wall of two men.

8 .: Return with the first thick opportunity for yellow. In a promising position he is staged at 18 meters in front of the goal, but he aims too precisely. The ball passes over the far post.

6 .: Tobias Mißner overturns Schalke's Mercan. It is difficult in the initial phase.

5 .: From the kick-off, it turns out that, in terms of mood, Blauweiß has the upper hand on the neutral ground at the Niederrhein stadium in Oberhausen. Accidents caused by clashes are not known. But Schalke fans are sandwiches. The young Dortmunder in the square is insulted diligently, well below the belt.

2.: Directly a violent embarkation of Umut Yildiz against Pena Zauner of Dortmund. There may have been yellow.

1st minute: Kick-off! The district derby is active!

18:13: Players enter the lawn under the glorious sun. In a few minutes it starts!

17:59: As expected, Schalke starts with professional Ahmed Kutucu in the starting lineup. Görkem Can, who scored the winner at the derby in February, is the captain of the Royal Blues. At the BVB Patrick Osterhage wears the bandage.

17:45: The lists are here!

FC Schalke 04: Canpolat, Smolinski, Riemer, Can, Thiaw, Ahrend, Yildiz, Barnes, Kutucu, Mercan, Hempel
Bank: Lenze, Croce, Kaparos, Biskup, Cestic, Humpert, Aydin

Borussia Dortmund: Hawryluk, Knoop, Missner, Ferjani, Kehr, Osterhage, Pena Zauner; Terzi, Bakir, Rashl, Aydinel
Bank: Klussmann, Besong, Ibrahim, Pherai, Lübke, Khadra, Göckan

17:41: The last direct duel in the championship went up in February. The royal blue won the derby victory with a 1: 0 (>> here everything for the game). The coup of the day marked Görkem Can, who returned today.

17:14: In S04 missing Lukas Lingk (knee) and Nick Münch (backward training after injury) in Revierderby.

15:44: In Borussia Dortmund Julius Schell fails with a strong bruise in the midfoot. Even Patrick Osterhage (hip problems) cannot play. The first eleven could pass for Niclas Knoop and Immanuel Pherai. "Perhaps also Emre Aydinel, the last second choice behind Paul Besong, returns", says BVB

13:55: BVB-U19 coach Benjamin Hoffmann is optimistic. "We don't need to hide and we can beat this opponent." But he also knows: "C & # 39; is a true caliber that comes towards us. We have to get it out of his comfort zone."

Wednesday 11.22: "Becoming champions of West Germany after this season is incredible," exclaimed Schalke coach Norbert Elgert enthusiastically. "I wasn't prepared for that. But now we can play a semi-final at the right time. Dortmund, however, has an incredibly strong team."


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20:49: BVB coach Benjamin Hoffmann considers the fact that Schalke will not be able to play his home game as usual in Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf, but in Oberhausen, as a "small advantage". In addition, he praises the Schalke team unit and the "exceptional single player" on the club's homepage.

18:31: Schalke U19 has already obtained professional support for the Revier derby in the Under 19 semi-final. As the S04 announced on Instagram on Tuesday, Ahmed Kutucu will be in the squad of the team. The German Turk is considered a promising talent, this season has already reached 13 Bundesliga appearances, a Cup and a Champions League match and three competitive goals.

17.00 clock: After the 2: 4 in the Bundesliga, the last day of the U19 was the next derby that hit the ball for Borussia Dortmund. Schalke took the West German champion title from the BVB. With a 4: 1 in the final day of competition at the VfL in Bochum, the miners passed Erzrivaslen on the spot 1, benefiting from the 2: 2 of the BVB against Duisburg. All about the final heartbeat here >>>

Tuesday 14.22: Welcome to the U19-Revierderby Schalke live ticker against Dortmund. On Wednesday at 6.15 pm the clock goes around. Until then, we will give you all the information about the outgoing semi-final.

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