Schapelle Corby and the boyfriend center of children's voices


Sometimes, it's what you can't see that tells the biggest story. Like the photos posted on social media by Australian drug dealer Schapelle Corby while enjoying a beach holiday in Greece.

While rumors continue to swirl about being pregnant with boyfriend Ben Panangian, Corby shared photos of herself in her swimmers – but only from the chest up, raising the question of hiding a baby bump.

On Instagram, stripey8 commented: "congratulations for?"

Another recent post from the radiant couple sparked many congratulatory comments. "Congratulations so happy for both of us," wrote tracylee1970.

Corby, 42, has openly stated in recent months that the couple wants to have a baby, although it is known that Panangian will struggle to settle in Australia due to his criminal past.

As a result, the couple has a long distance relationship and reaches abroad when they can manage it.

"He is neither brilliant nor stupid, but of average intelligence. And I love it as it is, "wrote one of Corby's photos.

She spent almost a decade behind bars in Bali for drug trafficking, but was recently spotted wearing a diamond ring while buying baby items at a Kmart store in Brisbane.

He met Panangian, an Indonesian surfer, for the first time in the Kerobokan prison in 2006.

Corby can return to Indonesia, but it is clear that he is not yet ready to do so.



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