Scheherazade showed PHOTO from the birth and the first shot with the daughter

The acting and married couple Bergüzar Korel and Halit Ergenç, whom Slovaks know from TV screens such as Scheherazade and Onura from the romantic series Thousand and One Nights, became triple parents on October 3. After more than a month, the beautiful actress decided to share with the fans intimate shots of childbirth and the first photo with her longed-for daughter.

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According to, they welcomed their third offspring to the world on Wednesday, October 3. The actress and her husband made no secret of the fact that in recent weeks they have literally counted the days when they will be able to marry their coveted little girl. Leyla in her arms.

After giving birth, the actress retreated to privacy and enjoyed her first weeks with her baby girl. After more than a month on the social network Instagram praised the first photo with her daughter, intimate shots of childbirth and a beautiful surprisewaiting for her at home.

“This place will smell like milk for a long time,” wrote the actress to the shoton which she breastfeeds her moon daughter. However, the actress also admitted that the birth was more demanding than she expected. “The story of Leyla’s birth was unique from day one to day. Despite the echoing pains as I left the house, I said at the entrance to the hospital door: I can only give birth to this girl at 10:00 in the morning. After a painful 11 ​​hours in the hospital, Leyla was born exactly as I said at 10:00 in the morning with the umbilical cord around her neck, “ the actress explained on a social network. According to her, the birth was complicated by the short umbilical cord that the baby had wrapped around his neck. Nevertheless, everything turned out well in the end, and today the actress and her husband are looking forward to a healthy girl.


Do you think that the actress got even worse after the birth of her daughter?

Her husband was a huge support during her difficult moments in the maternity hospital, which was also captured in the intimate footage from the maternity hospital.

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