Scholz calls for strengthening the fight against anti-Semitism in the face of increased violence in pro-Palestinian protests

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The German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has called for a rigorous fight against antisemitism and the hostility towards Israel in Germany, a day after the Police once again clashed with pro-Palestinian protesters in Berlin. In a statement before the Bundestag (Parliament) Scholz reiterated that “anti-Semitism is out of place in Germany, and we will do everything possible to oppose it. We will do so as citizens, as those responsible for political leadership.”

“We must adopt a clear position and not look the other way. The authorities must be clear and prohibit all meetings in which there is a risk of speech being uttered. antisemitic slogansthe murder of people is glorified and other things that we cannot accept here,” said the chancellor.

In a new day of demonstrations and in the midst of the growing “atmosphere of hate” that is installed in the protests, at least 174 people were arrested y 65 officers were injured last night in the different concentrations that they visited Berlin. Clashes at times focused on the Neukölln district, home to many Muslim immigrants. A Dpa reporter described the scene in Neukölln as very heated, as riot police moved against protesters who set fire to garbage containers and tires and threw fireworks, bottles and stones. Four cars and a van were also set on fire.

The spokesman for the Berlin Police Union (GdP, in German), Benjamn Jendro, specified that “some protesters clashed with forces of order with the throwing of stones, pyrotechnics and even beatings”. With these, 80 police officers have already been injured in two days.

Behind the call for protests are pro-Palestinian associations, including Samidoun, an organization that defends the rights of Palestinian prisoners in Israel and that the German Government is considering banning, as well as left-wing organizations. The slogans call for an end to Israel’s “occupation” and “genocide” in Palestine.

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