School, “black smoke” in the meeting between ministers and regions: the transport node remains | The separation by classes is being examined by the CTS

The summit was attended by videoconference the ministers of Education Lucia Azzolina, of Health Roberto Speranza, of Transport Paola De Micheli, of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia, the president of the Conference of Regions Stefano Bonaccini, the head of Civil Protection Angelo Borrelli, the coordinator of the Agostino Miozzo Scientific Technical Committee, Commissioner Domenico Arcuri and representatives of Anci and Upi.

No agreement on public transport Given the lack of agreement on the use and distancing on public transport, the ministers and the Regions decided to update themselves on Friday. The president of the Conference of the Regions Bonaccini, in particular, feared a “risk of chaos” for local public transport if the restrictions were not revised. De Micheli and Speranza therefore asked for time to speak with the CTS and find a point of failure, so that with the Regions it was decided to update themselves at the weekend.

De Micheli: “Transport? Also classmates as relatives” Wider definition of the concept of relatives, also extended to classmates and workmates, and of the time spent on board to derogate from the spacing of one meter, certification of the ventilation and filtering systems of the vehicles, obligation of a surgical mask and differentiation of the schedules to dilute passenger flows. These are the proposals relating to local public transport explained by the Minister of Transport, Paola De Micheli, for increasing the capacity in safe conditions on vehicles in view of the reopening of schools. In addition to the proposals listed, for longer distances there is also the adoption on board of the means of soft separators consistent with the safety requirements and the differentiation of the opening and closing times of the schools, which will allow to dilute the flows of access.

Distributed gel-masks, from 28 counters Meanwhile, Commissioner Domenico Arcuri reported that the distribution of the new single desks to schools will start this Friday, while the distribution of masks and sanitizing gel begins.

The crux of the obligation to wear masks in class remains Also on the table is the issue of compulsory masks in the classroom for students, starting from 6 years, on which a definitive opinion from the CTS is expected: several governors have expressed their perplexities, but the topic has faded into the background and is was in fact postponed.

The management of any cases in the classes With regard to the measures to be adopted for the management of cases and outbreaks in institutions, Minister Speranza explained that the guidelines of the Higher Institute of Health are a document in progress and that therefore the rules may also be modified according to the scenarios and new evidence.

Regions: “Evaluate derogation on distancing for class groups” Evaluate the “principle of the usual group extended to members of the same class to derogate from the distance meter for the grouping of children traveling together”. This is what the Transport Commission of the Regions would have asked the government. Proposal that could be examined by the Scientific Technical Committee.

Toti and Fontana: “Another nothing done” Another “nothing done” in the government-Regions comparison on schools. The governors Giovanni Toti and Attilio Fontana denounce it. “No decision on the use of masks – says the president of Liguria – or on local public transport”. And the Lombard colleague: “From Rome only doubts, teachers and mayors await concrete answers”.


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