Schumacher’s wife breaks the silence: “He’s here … but it’s different”

Almost eight years after Michael Schumacher’s serious skiing accident, his relatives are gradually starting to break the silence around his state of health, which is kept very secret by his family. A few days ago his friend Jean Todt testified in the newspaper Bild.

Now it is his wife Corinna who has confided in the Netflix documentary which comes out on the German pilot next week and of which the Daily Mail has obtained extracts. In the docu, she admits: “He’s there, but it’s different. We live together at home. He is undergoing treatment. We are doing everything to improve his condition and make sure he is comfortable, so that he can feel the presence. from his family.”

“Whatever happens, I’ll do whatever I can. We will all do it. As a family, we try to carry on as Michael would have liked and as he would still love her. Life goes on.”, a continue Corinna Schumacher.

She also returned to the terrible accident that almost cost her his life: “It was bad luck … you can not have more bad luck in life. Before starting, Michael said to me: ‘the snow is not terrible, we could fly to Dubai. and go skydiving … ‘

But as has been the case for years, she declined to say more about her husband’s actual state of health: “Michael has always protected us, now it’s our turn to protect him. As he always said, what is private is private”, she concluded.

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