Scientific Committee Member gave the “good news”: “New measures can be taken”

A member of the Ministry of Health’s Coronavirus Scientific Committee, Prof. Dr. An important statement came from Levent Akın. Stating that the virus has settled in the 18-35 age group who are not vaccinated, Akın said, “New measures can be taken.”

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Public Health Specialist and Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Levent Akın said that the number of cases is expected to increase much more when the weather gets colder and indoor environments are used more. prof. Dr. Akın said, “The burden of health institutions will increase gradually. As a result, there are also hospitalizations due to influenza infection. This is why the number of hospitalizations will be high. Capacity will push the limits. Even now, I hear that there are places that push their limits.”

“Set into the 18-35 age group”

Emphasizing that there are several factors of the increase, Prof. Dr. Akın said, “As well as those who are protected from the disease by vaccination, the younger age group is negligent or hesitant about getting vaccinated. Therefore, the disease has shifted towards the younger age group. In the past, the disease was seen less in this group? He was hospitalized. Currently, those who are vaccinated are not affected by the disease because they are protected by the vaccine, but the unvaccinated group, which is especially settled in the 18-35 age group. This group is infected. When this group is infected, the people who are protected by the vaccine will not be able to infect them if they do not have enough protection. “There is a vicious circle in society. The young age group does not get vaccinated by saying ‘nothing will happen to me’, but they get infected. From time to time, simple symptoms can also appear. When they go to their families or groups of friends, they infect their friends or families,” he said.

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“Young age group needs to be vaccinated”

Akın pointed out that young people avoid vaccination because they thought that nothing would happen to them. Because a severe respiratory failure occurs. It is not clear in which young person how it will progress. Delta and Delta Plus are currently in circulation in Turkey. Its contagiousness is very high. Therefore, you do not get vaccinated, you do not follow the mask and distance rules, and you give up all kinds of precautions, it is very easy You get infected. Therefore, the number of cases does not decrease. The main way to curb this work is to vaccinate a significant part of the society, which is 70 percent for the entire society, but for those over the age of 18, this figure should be around 90 percent. Mask and distance must be adhered to. It is also important to ventilate closed areas frequently. It reduces the number of island visits,” he said.

“The important thing is to succeed in inoculating the target group”

prof. Dr. Noting that new measures can be taken with the increase in coronavirus cases, Akın said, “New measures may be taken, but the measures taken may be mainly in the sense of promoting vaccination. These should also be done because there are 4 groups that are particularly concerned with vaccine hesitancy. The first group is certain, whatever it is. There is a group that will not be vaccinated. There is a second group, the group that says, ‘I definitely need to get vaccinated.’ ‘, and the other group is hesitant to say, ‘If I don’t get vaccinated, will anything happen to me?’ There are 4 such groups. There is no need to deal with this group that says ‘I will not get vaccinated no matter what happens’. They are somehow very clearly determined. They already have these. It’s important to win them, as there is not a large part of the society, but they think of things differently.The main target group is to succeed in vaccinating the group that says ‘would anything happen to me if I don’t get vaccinated?’ More than 70 percent of the population is vaccinated, more than 90 percent of those over the age of 18, who are referred to as the ‘target group’.

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“We see cases in schools as cases increase in society”

prof. Dr. Pointing out that face-to-face education should continue, Akın said, “Although the school movement seems to cause an increase in cases, we see cases in schools as the number of cases increases in the society. If we can reduce the number of cases in the society, the number of cases in schools will be low. The measures taken are certainly not on paper. It is necessary to ensure that it is strictly implemented in all schools. Teachers should both act as role models in the vaccine and pay attention to the mask, distance and ventilation of the classroom on how to protect from the disease. The teacher has a very critical role here. If the teacher provides this support, it will increase the number of cases in the society, at least in the students. “Therefore, this is one of the places where we will break the chain of contamination in the society,” he said.

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