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[Voice of Hope March 17, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao)

In the vast universe, the earth is just a small star. Therefore, small human beings cannot explore all the mysteries of the universe. Until now, there are still many events in the universe that cannot be explained by science. But do advanced civilizations really exist in the universe? Based on the vastness of the universe, scientists have never stopped exploring extraterrestrial civilizations. In fact, people’s hope for alien civilization is not groundless. As early as 1969, when the United States launched the “Apollo 11” moon landing plan, it was said that American NASA astronauts witnessed the existence of aliens when they landed on the moon. Later, scientists discovered that the moon was hollow through moonshock experiments, and more and more evidence showed that the moon is not a natural celestial body. This planet is too amazing.

NASA astronauts witnessed aliens when they landed on the moon (Internet pictures)

We all know that from the perspective of the earth, human beings can only see one side of it forever, while the other side is always facing away from the earth. And the Sun, which is 75 million times larger in size, appears to be as big as it is. Even more bizarre is that the distance from the sun to the earth is 396 times the distance from the moon to the earth, and the diameter of the sun is also 396 times the diameter of the moon. It is precisely because of the coincidence of these details that the earth is just in the most suitable position for the growth of all things. It can’t help but make people think about it. It’s like it’s designed. Strangely, the sun and the moon are now gradually moving away from the earth. Therefore, there is currently a view that subverts cognition, thinking that the advanced civilization of the universe lives inside the sun, and the moon and the earth are just experimental products.

When NASA released photos of sunspots in 2014, it was discovered that a huge triangular UFO had been drilled inside the sun. Then in 2016, NASA’s solar probe also clearly photographed huge unknown objects around the sun. They were using the sun to replenish energy, which shocked the world for a while. In fact, as early as 1943, it was found in the deciphered scientific superman Nikola Tesla’s manuscript that Tesla had long speculated that the sun is not a natural celestial body, and its surface has a unique shell to protect the interior. At the same time, it also prevents humans from deeply exploring the inner structure of the sun. This conclusion was verified later, and this protective shell is the heliosphere. Tesla once said that if you know the secret of 369, you hold the key to the universe.

The secret of 369 holds the key to the universe
The secret of 369 holds the key to the universe (network picture)

Regarding these, the “Thiaoouba Prophecy” actually gave the answer, and the star world in the universe is divided into one to nine levels according to the level of civilization. Advanced civilizations can create life. They can transfer a certain planet to the habitable zone of a certain star, make it produce an atmosphere and ocean, and then smash a life-carrying comet to its surface, and carry out appropriate processes during the birth of life. Intervention and protection are used to cultivate low-level civilizations, isn’t it inconceivable? Moreover, the author of this book, Michel Desmarkt, turned out to be an ordinary gardener without any writing experience. He claimed that he was invited by aliens on a high-level planet in 1987 to explain the origin of human beings for him. , the reincarnation of life and death, whether there is a soul or not, and hundreds of human mysteries.

More importantly, the “Thiaoouba Prophecy” pointed out that focusing on the pursuit of material technology and lacking the evolution of the spiritual world will lead people on earth to inevitable disasters. While science and technology must aid in spiritual development it should not be used to enslave man in a money system and material world, both of which are temporary in any case. In this regard, some scholars said that the purpose of human beings to live in this world is to cultivate and evolve, to have more spiritual enjoyment and less material pursuits.

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