Scientists call gardening the best cure for depression


The basis of the new therapy is the effect of human contact with nature on the psyche.

It is known that spending two hours a week in nature is associated with an improvement in health and psychological well-being. Spending time outdoors outside the home, surrounding yourself with vegetation and living beings, can be one of the new and main methods for dealing with depression, feelings of loneliness and other signs of instability in the psychological state.

Non-drug therapies are currently used by the National Health Service to combat anxiety, loneliness and depression. Such methods often include referral of patients to a community or volunteer organization where people can perform activities that help meet their social and emotional needs. Scientists have called gardening the best cure for depression. More and more doctors recommend gardening, as this method is considered one of the most effective methods. Eating fruits and vegetables from the garden can also help people improve their well-being. Furthermore, the connection of people with the living world affects their behavior in relation to it, gardening can help people of any age to become more aware and responsible when it comes to ecology.

Although at the moment this method of therapy is not widespread in Russia, it is possible that in the near future this discovery will allow it to become a revolutionary method to combat depression.



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