Scientists claim to have deciphered Leonardo da Vinci’s “cipher”

Leonardo da Vinci

An international team of scientists led by Pierre Giorgio Rigetti, a professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan, has revealed one of the secrets of Leonardo da Vinci’s creative style (1452-1519) and his art school, TASS reported.

The results of the study were published in the journal Digital Archeology and Cultural Heritage, Gleb Zilberstein, one of the participants in the project, who works in Israel, told TASS.

He explained that the basis of the Renaissance images of the Madonna and Child Jesus is the radial arrangement of elements, which comes from the Arab and Persian tradition and becomes typical for both the masterpieces of the Renaissance genius and his school, BTA reported.

Using digital technology, we have analyzed the technique of radial arrangement of elements from ancient times to the Renaissance, and we can confidently say that this “Da Vinci seal” is a kind of template for the works of Leonardo’s school, a kind of “Da Vinci cipher” “said Zilberstein.

“After the fall of Constantinople, the canons of orthodox church iconography came under the strong influence of Eastern culture, including in Italy, which influenced the formation of the artistic style of the Renaissance, and in particular the style of Leonardo,” he added.


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