Scientists discover for the first time a black hole in the galaxy "Ebel 2597"


In an unprecedented precedent, astronomers have discovered a super-black hole that forms a closed loop of molecular gas that rises and falls again.
Science Alert reports that this black hole is at the center of the galaxy "Ebel 2597", one billion light years away.

The astronomer Grant Trimble of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics states: "This could be the first system in which we have clear evidence of the flow of cold molecular gas in the black hole and therefore of its launch with the plasma flow "

"Obviously, this gas does not come from the black hole itself: the gravity of the hole carries the gas to the hole, which leads to the accumulation disk that attracts the other gas minutes, some of which spread on the poles of the light disc.

This material returns to the nebula that feeds the accumulation disc to the center of the galaxy. After the hot stream cools, the gas condenses and forms clouds of carbon monoxide particles traveling to the black hole.

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