Scientists find the probable sequence

  • Scientists determine the probable order in which the symptoms of the coronavirus appear.
  • In the order of coronavirus symptoms, the first would be fever.
  • Knowing the order of the coronavirus symptoms can help those infected to seek help and self-isolate faster.

Science seems to have made another breakthrough in the fight against the pandemic: Scientists have found the probable order in which the symptoms of the coronavirus appear.

A group of researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) determined the probable order in which the symptoms of the coronavirus appear, which can help infected people seek medical attention earlier, local media reported this Friday.

According to the news agency Efe, the study found that usually the first symptom of a person infected with COVID-19 is fever. Coughing and muscle pain would follow, then nausea and / or vomiting, and then diarrhea.

The authors of the study from USC’s Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience noted that knowing the order of symptoms of the new coronavirus can help patients isolate themselves earlier and seek medical attention sooner.

Foto: The Associated Press

“Since there are now better approaches to treatments for COVID-19, identifying patients earlier could reduce hospitalization time,” said Joseph Larsen, lead author of the study and professor at USC, in a statement.

Research highlights that although fever and cough are frequently associated with many respiratory illnesses, including Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), symptoms in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract distinguish COVID-19 patients.

“The upper gastrointestinal tract (nausea and vomiting) appears to be affected earlier than the lower gastrointestinal tract (diarrhea) in COVID-19, which is the opposite of MERS and SARS,” the scientists wrote.

This information about the probable order of appearance of symptoms can also help doctors rule out other diseases or plan how to treat patients, according to the researchers cited by Efe.

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