Health scientists have called a new distance to protect against...

scientists have called a new distance to protect against coronavirus

A two-meter distance prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) does not guarantee that a person will not become infected with the COVID-19 virus.

The author of a new study Lydia Boryba from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that when coughing and sneezing, viral particles can spread up to 7-8 meters.

Lidia Boryba has been conducting research for many years related to the dynamics of strong reflex exhalations, that is, coughing and sneezing. She notes that current recommendations on social distance of 2 meters, as well as requirements for medical masks are based on simplified models of the 1930s. They cannot guarantee public safety against the spread of the deadly virus.

Boriba states that, according to the latest data, a reflex exhale produces a cloud of droplets of a substantially wider range of sizes. And the speed of their distribution in the air depends on the size of these drops.

It is noted that the peak air velocity during coughing and sneezing can reach 10-30 meters per second. The author of the study indicates that modern masks are simply not tested in such conditions.

In addition, the coronavirus pathogen contained in the air can be in such an environment for several hours, writes.

As reported by the Kuban News, coronavirus is especially dangerous for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases.

This was announced by the Director of the Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization Hans Kluge.

According to him, in diabetics, the disease is more severe and leads to more serious consequences. In Italy in particular, every third patient had diabetes or other chronic health problems.



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