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Until now, this year, scientists have managed to get the first "selfie" sent by Mars, perhaps discovering a cure for baldness. and has successfully performed the first double-hand transplant.

All extraordinary things, I'm sure you'll agree, but all these results are in stark contrast to the hard work done by six pediatric Health-care professionals who have discovered how long it takes to eliminate a piece of Lego.

Yes, according to an article in the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health, the team of six ate a piece of Lego, a mini-figures head to be precise, and then waited ...

Well, I say waited, they were actually having to root through your shite for days until the piece has arrived. Not all heroeS wear cloaks, eh?

The study, entitled Everything is awesome: Do not forget Lego, tested the usual intestinal habits using the Score Stool Hardness and Transit (SHAT) and then implemented the Found and recovered Time (FART) Point (Does anyone else feel like these guys are just taking my ass now?) To understand how long it took.

The team concluded that it took an average of 1.71 days to go through their systems.

The study reads: "The FART score was on average 1.71 days, with some evidence that women might be more adept at looking into their faeces than males, but this can not be statistically validated."

Add following text: "This international, multicenter experimentation has identified that small objects, such as those ingested by children, can pass in 1-3 days without complications.

"This should offer reassurance for parents and the authors argue that parents should not be expected to search through their children feces to demonstrate the recovery of the object. "

The report also says there is "little evidence to support" the idea that a Lego piece can take more time to pass through a child, and that, if anything, it can move "faster in a more immature gut" .

Good to know, I guess.

It was not all fun and games for the team that took part, even if a fella was not able to find his Lego piece, despite having checked his poop for two weeks before swallowing it. So, he's a dirty idiot or he's still inside of him.

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