Health Scientists have disproved the benefits of vitamin D in...

Scientists have disproved the benefits of vitamin D in coronavirus. Reedus

Over the past few weeks, several hundred articles have appeared in the media that vitamin D helps fight coronavirus and even reduces mortality due to infection. However, scientists in their new study said that such conclusions are premature and there is no weighty evidence.

Vitamin D is popularly called the “vitamin of the sun”, since it is formed in the skin under the influence of sunlight (ultraviolet radiation). However, if you live in the northern latitudes or rarely go outside, then doctors recommend taking dietary supplements with vitamin D to make up for the deficiency.

Vitamin in itself is extremely useful, and it is recommended to drink even to small children and pregnant women. But there is still no scientific evidence of its benefits in coronavirus, experts remind.

Popular studies on this topic have examined the relationship between vitamin D and coronavirus mortality in countries with the highest mortality rates – in Spain and Italy. It is known that most of the deceased were pensioners.

Almost all elderly people have a pronounced deficiency of vitamin D. But this is not a key cause of death from coronavirus. The elderly have other deficient conditions, chronic diseases, as well as a generally weakened immunity, which affects the course of serious diseases. Only vitamin D deficiency has nothing to do with it, – the authors of the work write.

Based on the same data, it can be assumed that a lack of vitamin D is the cause of death from cardiovascular diseases, tuberculosis and other ailments, scientists say.

To date, there is insufficient evidence that vitamin D intake can be considered prevention of COVID-19. Of course, a normal level of vitamin D is crucial for healthy bones and muscles and for overall health.

Its deficiency can lead to the development of rickets and osteoporosis, however, excess increases the level of calcium in the blood, and this can be very dangerous. Without medical indications, you should not independently increase the dosage of vitamin.

In prophylactic doses, the vitamin is recommended for both children and adults. Doctors recommend taking vitamin D according to the currently approved dosages: 10 micrograms (400 ME) per day during the winter months or throughout the year if you live in a country where the number of sunny days is minimal.

A dose increase is sometimes prescribed for the elderly and pregnant for medical reasons. To find out the level of vitamin D in the body, you can use a blood test for trace elements.

Vitamin D is also found in many foods. For example, it is found in fish, oysters, mushrooms, eggs and milk.

After articles appeared on the benefits of vitamin D for the prevention of coronavirus, many began to take increased doses of vitamin A. This is not worth doing. Continue to take the vitamin, but in standard doses, but remember that you do this to maintain immunity, and not to protect against coronavirus, – concluded the scientists.



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