Scientists have identified a new dangerous virus

Scientists have identified a new dangerous virus The properties of the new disease have not yet been studied.

Scientists have recorded an epidemic of an unknown disease called Disease X, which in a short time can turn into a global epidemic, reports with reference to Planet News.

The virus is similar to the danger for Spanish influence, which at one point killed 5% of the world's population. Some time ago, WHO scientists reported that now task number 1 – leave the possible spread of disease X, because the risks are very high.

In the process of studying several new diseases, bat experts have discovered two viruses unknown to science. Scientists of microorganisms attributed to the family of coronaviruses. These viruses have already become the cause of numerous outbreaks on Earth. For example, in 2003, eight thousand people became ill with acute respiratory syndrome and in 2012 they were overwhelmed by the Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome.

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According to the expert Mark Valimutto, scientists are now trying with all their strength to detect a pandemic virus. The epidemic is expected to originate in Asia or Africa, where medical care is at a primitive level.

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