Scientists have revealed the appearance of ancient mummies. Stunning 3D face reconstruction

It is a digital sensation and a tool for modern forensics. Scientists have reconstructed the faces of three men who lived in ancient Egypt over 2,000. years ago. Thanks to the latest technology, it was possible to recreate the detailed appearance of 25-year-olds on the basis of DNA data taken from their mummified remains. The mummies JK2911, JK2134 and JK2888 come from Abusir el-Melek, an ancient Egyptian city that is also an archaeological site today. The mummified bodies of young men were buried between 1380 BC and 425 AD. German scientists at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Tübingen sequenced their DNA in 2017. This was the first genome reconstruction of an ancient mummy. Now Americans from Parabon NanoLabs have created 3D models of their faces. Scientists used forensic DNA phenotyping – a method by which they determined their appearance, lineage and skin color. For the first time it was possible to do …


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on Dicovery there was a program called “Mythbusters” and there the hosts gave a skull printed in 3D, the skull of his friend whose appearance they knew, an expert in reconstruction about this …Read the whole thing

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First, you force you to watch the endless advertising of Polsat, tempting you with stunning 3D reconstructions, and then it turns out that this is a FRAUD on your part and there are no 3D simulations on the film, but only ordinary 2D photos. ads. Since you are supporting yourself with a lie, Polsat becomes unreliable for me

Similar to immigrants. Do the pharaohs themselves want to get to the EU?


Wow! One would like to shout, but at the same time I was especially interested in one piece of information. “Americans from Parabon NanoLabs created 3D models of their faces. Scientists used forensic DNA phenotyping for this.” I won’t say .. It gives food for thought.

ancient engineers and doctors it’s good that in their time in Ełropa goats and sheep only grazed, because today we would not have all-inclusive in Hurghada – there would be no pyramids, only sand – why go there for holidays 🙂 He didn’t build anything there, because everyone would fuck off to Aunt Angela then, just like they do now

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Whoever doubts this will be handed over to the ISS

Mistake they were blond and had blue eyes. What is the bet?

after all, these are the 9/11 bombers!

And I thought they had bird heads … at least that’s how they looked. I assume that they knew better than we did what they looked like.

Is it possible not to insert these silly subtitles – comments in the content of the film, because they obscure the image and nobody reads it. Someone imagined that they had to be because he hadn’t thought about the sense of using them. You might as well place a large wp logo in the center of the image. The effect will be similar, apart from the style of writing, as if there was no Polish school-leaving examination.

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The pharaohs lived without a god and knew how to die, ravaged by angels. To then return through the afterlife again in different bodies, which continues to this day. Driving a car, we will meet a truck that has been resurrected in such a way, e.g. the servant of Tuthmosis. We’ll think what this lady came up with, but she has an ego.

After the comments, you can see that Polish women are already waiting for emigrants

I saw similar in the program “Whoever saw, whoever knows”. After all, American scientists after the appearance of the sperm are able to with over 99% accuracy to make a face image of the future offspring. And how not to be happy?

I don’t quite agree when it comes to hairstyles, because Egyptians shaved their heads bald and women too.

The one in the middle, it looks European rather than Egyptian.

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