Scientists say that drinking fruit juice can increase the risk of cancer: is the danger real?


A new study in France suggests that regular consumption of sugary drinks, including fruit juices, could increase the risk of cancer. L & # 39; investigation published this Wednesday in BMJ magazine, he would be the first to find a specific association between sugar and cancer.

The study involved 101,257 French adults, 79% women. For nine years the consumption habits of 3,300 foods and drinks through questionnaires that have been validated daily. For all that time they have become evident near 2,200 new cases of cancer

However, the research was observational, so it is not possible for scientists to guarantee the existence of a cause-effect relationship between sugar and cancer.

Like any sweetened drink

Experts say fruit juice has shown the same association with cancer as any other sugary drink, such as soft drinks or energy drinks.

Research has concluded that the 100 ml increase in the consumption of sugary drinks is associated with 18% increase in the risk of getting any kind of cancer. On the other hand, no relation was found between artificial sweeteners and cancer.

"Reducing the amount of sugar in our diet is extremely important" he said About the study Dr. Amelia Lake, of the University of Teesside, at the Science Media Center. The idea is not to completely limit the sugar intake, the ideal is "balance it"suggests Lake.

In any case, the scientists explain that the results "do not offer a definitive answer" and require further research on the topic through biological mechanisms that can be verified, such as the effect of sugar on fat around vital organs, the blood sugar levels and inflammatory markers.


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