Scientists: Those with strong leg muscles are less at risk

According to the study, the results of which were published on the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) website, patients who have had a heart attack but have strong legs have a lower risk of developing heart failure.

The study, conducted by Japan’s Sagamihara University School of Medicine, examined 932 people who had had their first heart attack between 2007 and 2020, who had never had a heart condition before.

In the study in which leg strength was measured with the “quadriceps” muscle group test of patients hospitalized after a heart attack, it was seen that 481 of the patients had strong muscles, while 451 were weak. It was determined that 67 of the patients had average muscle strength.

In patients who were followed up for 4.5 years from the time of their heart attack, the rate of heart failure was 10.2 per thousand in those with strong leg muscles, and 22.9 per thousand in those with weak muscles.

The study also examined the relationship between strengthening leg muscles and heart failure.

As a result, it was determined that a 5% improvement in leg muscles reduced the risk of heart failure by 11%.

Kensuke Ueno, one of the researchers, from the Department of Physiotherapy at Sagamihara University School of Medicine, said that the study in question was effective in identifying patients at high risk of developing heart failure after a heart attack.

Stating that it is easy to measure leg muscle strength accurately in the clinical setting, Ueno stated that this can also help in the application of treatment to prevent the development of heart failure in patients who have had a heart attack. (AA)

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2023-05-22 12:53:33

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