Scientists to fight malaria placed in mosquitoes 1 cm3 240

Every year, up to 200 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. Its main carriers are mosquitoes.

Scientists have decided on a global fight against malaria to use an unexpected tool for genetic changes. For the transport of mosquitoes in the epidemic area, they are positioned in 1 cm3 240 leeches.

This was done by specialists working at the University of New Mexico. They had to face the task of finding the optimal way to provide the largest possible number of mosquitoes over long distances.

Scientists have been able to genetically modify mosquitoes that are no longer capable of transmitting a dangerous disease. Now the question arises as to how these modified individuals can be delivered alive in a new habitat. It is assumed that they will eventually push out the "malaria" mosquito population.

The highest percentage survival was achieved at 1 cm3 240 mosquitoes were packed. At a positive temperature of 7-14 degrees Celsius, in this group over 85% of the modified individuals survived after 20 hours of travel.

In this case, the "landing" has exceeded over 1,5 thousand kilometers.


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