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NASA scientists discovered the asteroid “Apophis” in 2004, which could hit Earth in 2068 and in 2029 will approach the Earth ten times more than the distance of the Moon from Earth.

The Russian University of St. Petersburg, reported on the asteroid collision, and the thesis, that the calculation of the asteroid’s approach was documented on April 13, 2029 at a distance of 38 thousand km of land (the moon is 384 thousand km of land), and this approach leads to a change The path of the asteroid could lead to a dangerous collision in 2068.

According to Russian scientists, before the eventual collision, the asteroid will reach 16 million kilometers in 2044, 2051 in 760,000 kilometers and in 2060 in 5 million kilometers.

The diameter of the “Abuves” asteroid, 370 meters, an iron component weighs 20 million tons, and follows a path close to the path of the earth, which meets twice in its cycle at 5 km / s.

Previously, a skull-shaped asteroid, dubbed “TB145 2015”, was approaching Earth.


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