Sport Scocco's gesture of solidarity amid the mandatory quarantine of...

Scocco’s gesture of solidarity amid the mandatory quarantine of the coronavirus

Ignacio Scocco took advantage of the parate of soccer due to the coronavirus to return to his hometown. There, in Hughes, he performs the mandatory quarantine while his continuity in River is debated. This situation brought out his supportive side. The Millionaire striker made a donation to the Hughes commune that included a wide variety of non-perishable foods.

“I am taking the opportunity to do everything that I cannot do during the year due to lack of time: gardening, cutting the grass, arranging the plants, the disorder that there is for a house that is sparsely inhabited. I try to make the days go by”, He told about how he lives with isolation in dialogue with Rosario 3.

In addition to his supportive side, Scocco supported the government’s decision and asked those who underestimate the power of the coronavirus seriously: “People must become aware of how difficult the situation is. That is why I send my congratulations to the health professionals who are giving life so that this is as strong as possible.



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