Scott Rudin accused of violence and abuse

One of the most dramatic memories was shared by Caroline Rugo, who has worked for Rudin since 2018 and is currently associated with Netflix. “He threw his laptop at the conference room window, then went into the kitchen and we heard him hit the tissue dispenser. Another time he threw a glass bowl at a friend. It’s hard to tell if he was targeting him specifically, but the vessel smashed against the wall. HR had a panic attack and had to be taken by an ambulance. It was such an environment, “she reported.

When one of the assistants failed to buy him a plane ticket, because there were no more seats for that flight, he smashed the computer monitor in his hand. As a result, medical assistance was necessary as the wound was bleeding intensively. During his long career, Rudin was expected to hurt hundreds of people. After severe trauma, some of them were to leave the industry.

For years, there have been reports in the media about Rudin’s reprehensible behavior. Even the fact that in 2005, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he admitted that he had 119 assistants in five years, suggested that he was a very problematic boss. However, it is only in the era of #MeeToo that mobbing is threatened with condemnation and an avalanche of lawsuits. It remains to be seen whether he will share the fate of the disgraced Harvey Weinstein.

Rudin’s productions won a total of 151 Oscar nominations and 23 statuettes. The crowning achievement of his career is the best film award for “This is not a country for old people”.

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