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Open for another test period for NARAKA Bladepoint, a battle royale style action game that requires a fair amount of skill to play. It can be said that this is another game that is Easy to Play, Hard to Master, and the initial game is considered to have more gameplay than other Battle Royale games. Today, the new warriors or those who are thinking of trying This is a book of martial arts that you shouldn’t miss before you go in and try it out. If you’re ready, grab your sword and sharpen your sword. and enter this battlefield together

1. Understand the character’s abilities.

The heroes/characters in NARAKA Bladepoint are similar to Apex Legends in that each has two abilities that can be used. with the ultimate skill that each person will have different Some may inflict damage on enemies. some can control or interrupt the enemy’s attack Or some may help teammates, so before picking up any characters to play Knowing what the hero can do It is very helpful to use it in the right situation.

And in this game, when the money we reach We can unlock two additional skill abilities, each with a different special ability. In a single character, players can choose to play from the section. of this skill

2. Understand the battle system Because it’s not just messing with teeth.

NARAKA Bladepoint’s combat system focuses on close combat. But there are also long-range weapons. for long-range weapons Nothing but aiming and shooting. but for melee weapons It will require a higher skill level. all types of weapons There will be different attack patterns, distance, abilities and combos that we can press in each weapon will also be different.

Including the battle system of the game itself Split the attack system into Common Attack or Basic Attack / Focus Strike or Hold Charge to Attack / Counterstrikes. That protects against Focus Srtike attacks and counterattacks against enemies. All 3 attacks will lose their way to win. The more it makes when playing for real Observe and capture the enemy’s path well. To create an advantage in combat as much as possible

3. Glyph Board or rune stone system

Glyph Board system or take it easy to understand is a rune stone system. It will be unlocked initially when your account level is reached. And will use the money to unlock more new rune sets later. Runes in this game are divided into 4 types: Origin, focusing on increasing power, Rage / Lunar, focusing on increasing power in battle. And increase the attack power of the ultimate / Solar increases the power of survival and luck / Omni about helping. and shopping in the store

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Each rune can be unlocked using in-game currency. And upgrading also requires in-game currency. But to get rid of all that costs a lot of money as well. Therefore, before releasing any runes I have to look at that. Is it suitable for characters that we like to play regularly or not?

The runes page is divided into 3 pages, the first page is the page that is shared with all characters in our account, while the 2nd and 3rd page will require money to unlock. and will be the specific page of that character

4. Loot by pressing Tab and using the mouse is faster.

Let’s get into the real game. For Battle Royale games, the key is to loot. To make our characters have the ability to fight with others, each person has a different loot method. Some people look at objects on the floor and press E, but with this game, the author recommends that you use the Tab key and select the item to lute, it’s much more convenient and faster Because the effect of the item when falling, the area will have a light color. and has a relatively large item model Sometimes our E may not be accurate. And go to collect items that you don’t want instead Had to waste time throwing it out of the inventory again. So this game using Tab + Mouse lute method will be easier.

5. Each item’s carry limit

Notes for carrying items in this game It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s a clone from Apex Legends, but it will greatly help players understand it. You will be able to know your limits and manage your inventory. Will keep important items with you.

  • Vitalia, a gray healing potion, can carry up to 4 pieces / 1 cell.
  • Vitalia II Blue health potion, can carry up to 2 pieces / 1 cell.
  • Armor Powder, a gray armor recovery potion, can carry up to 4 pieces / 1 slot.
  • Armor Powder II, a gray armor recovery potion, can carry up to 2 pieces / 1 cell.
  • Weaponry Chest Weapon Repair Box, can carry up to 2 pieces / 1 slot.
  • Grappling Spool or hook can carry up to 6 pieces / 1 compartment.
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Just like other Battle Royale games, in the beginning players had to run for their own bags. Therefore, when there is no bag Choose to manage and carry items with you as well. will eliminate the problem of full item slots

6. Always check the durability of your weapons, don’t let them break.

If Battle Royale other games will have items such as ammunition. This game will be weapon durability. And item grading, the higher the grade, the higher the durability. and can be used for a longer time If a weapon breaks during a fight comes up. Ensure that the job is in place for sure. Weapons can be repaired by pressing R and using 1 Weaponry Chest per repair, so before pressing Repair, make sure your durability is low enough to repair. Otherwise it’s a waste of the box. but if not repaired at all Then the next fight was extended. Going to press repairs during the fight is also a burden for teammates as well. Players therefore have to decide at what time to fix their weapons.

7. Grappling Hook Turns the Situation both escaping and chasing

This game has an item called Graplling Spool (or anyone can call it Grappling Hook), which is useful. Can be used to manipulate situations, both escaping and chasing It has a very long range. The more the support runes are arranged, it will go further as well. From aiming high to escape quickly. Or sometimes used to chase by aiming directly at the enemy. Grappling Hook can also be used to quickly dash into buildings. If we see a window of a house near the collapse It can be used to soar into it, or sometimes it can be used on high cliffs. To ascend quickly, you can do it too. This item in the game makes the gameplay of this game quite different from other games.

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8. If we die, if friends don’t help so help yourself

The problem of the world when playing Battle Royale as a team is when a team member dies. It’s hard to withdraw to help. and had to keep an eye on the enemies that might come behind them Or have to deal with enemy members that are not dead, so if the timing is right. It does not have to be difficult for our friends to help us in this game if we are dead. We will enter the spirit body. This body can move fast and jump high. Look for Soul Altars with lotus base symbols in the map. and when it arrives, it will be like the base of a tree and there is a red light We can resurrect ourselves. without requiring friends to help plating in any way This kind of rebirth will have one elementary weapon on hand in order to allow us to fight in a timely manner. But we can do this only 1 time / 1 game, and the best way if our friends have a chance to revive. It’s better to keep this method of birth for use when it’s really necessary.

9. Together We Are separate groups, be careful of being attacked

The brutality of a Battle Royale game with a focus on close combat. is undoubtedly being attacked. Because no matter how skilled you are at Block/Counterattack, getting swarmed by two or three people isn’t something you can easily deal with, so this game is better to stick together. because of being attacked Even if you wear gold armor It will bleed quickly. or to divide the team’s form One could use a long-range weapon to take down the enemy. Or you can play with all the melee weapons as well. And each character can build a lot of playing lines. The more friends to play work as a team This game is a very fun game.

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