SDG3. Emotional well-being, one of the main concerns of the veterinary profession

The emotional well-being of veterinarians is one of the main concerns of all professionals in the sector and one of AniCura’s priorities. According to the data published by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)Veterinary medicine is one of the professions with the highest rate of unhappiness and emotional problems among its professionals. A reality that the AniCura group wants to face, but what are the main causes of this situation?

“The main factors that cause emotional distress in veterinarians are personal problems, the work situation and the close relationship we have daily with death”comments Elena Diéguez, veterinarian at AniCura Abros Veterinary Hospital, who recently exposed this situation at the XXXVII AMVAC congress. “This last point can cause us an effect called compassion fatigue, which appears as a result of the empathy we can feel when treating our patients”, Add. If we add to these factors the daily stress derived from the management and administration of the center and dealing with clients and colleagues can lead to an undesired situation.

For this reason, the veterinary Elena Diéguez He offers us some tips to avoid falling into a state of unhappiness. “Take care of yourself, value your work and try to be good with yourself so that later you can help others is essential ”. “Having clear priorities, routines, staying physically healthy and setting feasible goals and objectives is also essential”, adds the vet. The key to general and especially professional well-being is to maintain a balance between all the factors to which the veterinarian refers, is the formula that will make it possible to enjoy the profession every day without suffering a deep emotional wear that can lead to greater problems.

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