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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 24 – Never a title was more appropriate: “Highlander” is not only his 1986 film in which he plays an immortal Spanish master of arms like his pupil Chris Lambert, but it is the emblem of Sean Connery, an icon that does not fade. Created a baronet in 2002 despite his declared independence sympathies for his beloved Scotland, Thomas Sean Connery turns 90 on 25 August. In Italy we saw him for the last time in 2007 when he came to the Rome Film Fest to collect a lifetime achievement award (the Golden Marcus Aurelius) which makes a fine show of itself in a showcase bare of awards equal to its success. : an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (for Brian De Palma’s “The Untouchables”), three Golden Globes, some obvious awards at home and around thirty career awards (including even a Telegatto). But Sean Connery, born in Edinburgh to a truck driver and a waitress, never made a big deal out of it. Just a few months ago Sean Connery was confirmed by acclaim as the best James Bond in the 007 saga. It’s hard to say how much this obligatory association suffers. : in his youth he did not give it much weight then he was obsessed with it so much that he abruptly interrupted a story that began in 1962 with “License to kill” after five global successes up to “You only live twice” (1967). To escape the cliché of 007, Sean got to alternate the role-prince with other films. Thus began to build a new character (brave, macho, ironic, romantic).

With age Sean Connery becomes a star and a self-confident actor.

With 94 films behind him, 10 productive adventures and a director, he has often said he loved “The Untouchables”, “The Rock”, “Entrapment”, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (as the father of Harrison Ford), “The Russia House”. Although after his retirement in 2006 it was often speculated that he had Alzheimer’s disease, Sean Connery reappeared in public (at the Flushing Meadows tennis tournament) in 2017. Receiving a lifetime achievement award he said ” feet are tired tonight, but my heart and brain just aren’t! “. (HANDLE).

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