Search for Jayme Closs: 87 days of fear and questions


The authorities are called home Closs in Barron, 90 miles east of Minneapolis. There, they find Jayme's parents, James and Denise Closs, killed.

The deputies arrive after a call to 911 from Denise Closs's cell phone. They find Jayme's parents, but the teenager has disappeared. During the call to 911, no one spoke, but the dispatcher "could hear a lot of screams". The detectives start looking for Jayme that includes thousands of suggestions, surveillance videos and massive research with the help of volunteers. The forces of order throughout the country are put on alert when the case is national news.

17 October

It's been two days since Jayme disappeared. But while the investigators are quick to look for it, few answers have emerged. The FBI asks for more help in finding it when hundreds of suggestions arrive. Investigators are trying to find out not only where Jayme is, but also what led to the death of his parents in the small town of Barron.

October 22nd

A week after Jayme's disappearance, a local sheriff searches for 2,000 volunteers to help her find her, the equivalent of two-thirds of Barron's population.

The Barron County Sheriff, Chris Fitzgerald, says volunteers will help the authorities in an extended routine search of the area around the crime scene. Barron, a city of less than 3 square miles, has a population of around 3,300.

On the same day, people gather at the Barron High School football stadium for "A Gathering of Hope", an event to honor Jayme.

The sheriff also publishes photos of two "vehicles of interest" captured on surveillance footage near Closs's house during the killings. Fitzgerald said he did not know the license plates of the vehicles.

October 24th

While agonized relatives are waiting to be informed about Jayme, her aunt begs who knows where she should contact the sheriff's department.

Send a message to his niece. "Jayme, we need you here with us to fill that hole in our hearts," says Jennifer Smith. "We all love you in the moon and back and we'll never stop looking for you … Your dog, Molly, is waiting for you, she's sleeping in one of your sweatshirts."

The FBI offers $ 25,000 for information that leads to Jayme's position.

October 27th

Jayme's parents are buried in a funeral frequented by loved ones and foreigners.

28 October

The Wisconsin investigators see through the motion-activated cameras a man with a cap that bursts into Jayme's house through a patio door, according to a criminal complaint.

The forces of order respond to a call and create a perimeter around the house. They order the man to go out with his hands up. The man admits to having entered the house and stealing items, says a criminal complaint. In the jacket pocket, a sergeant finds several items, including a small pink tank top and girl underwear, according to the complaint.

The man is identified as Kyle Jaenke, 32, of Cameron, Wisconsin. "The accused was asked how many items he took and declared three or four articles, including some underwear that he believed belonged to Jayme," says the complaint.

October 30th

The same day, Jaenke is accused of breaking into the home and theft of underwear for girls and other clothing, but has been freed from involvement in his disappearance. He says he did not know the Closses and stole items that he thought the family would not lose, according to the report.

November 17

Wisconsin authorities urge hunters to look for clues to the missing teenager.

"With the opening of the hunting season on Saturday, we ask hunters to report anything suspicious like clothes, weapons or anything you think is not right on your property," says the Barron County Sheriff's Department.

MEPs said they did not give up on finding the teenager, and the causes remain a top priority for them.

"We continue to follow the leads, expand and view our videos retrieved from the area and explore all the digital evidence," they say.

December 4th

Jayme has been missing for almost two months and the community is finding ways to pay tribute to her.

Christmas decorations take on new significance for local authorities in Barron County, where the Clerk of Courts Office dedicates its Christmas tree to her.

The tree is exposed in the county Justice Center building. The decorations describe the name of Jayme in large, glittering letters, and include green light bulbs and ribbons. Green color is often used to sensitize missing children.

January 10th

It was found in Gordon, Wisconsin, and a suspect was taken into custody shortly after the authorities found it. Jayme's aunt, Sue Allard, said her niece was at the hospital on Thursday evening.

No further details were made available, but the authorities plan to hold a press conference on Friday morning.

Gordon is about 70 miles north of where he was last seen.

Steve Almasy of CNN, Nicole Chavez and Darran Simon contributed to this relationship.



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