Search operation ended after landslide in Sogn – VG

Avalanche: There has been a major landslide between Leikanger Hella in the Sognefjord. The road will be closed for the day. Photo: Janne Merete Bøyum,

On Sunday, there was a major landslide in the Sognefjord. The search for people who could have been caught in the avalanche has now ended.


Updated yesterday 19:57

The avalanche and landslide went over national road 13 at Kvinnafossen on Leikanger in the Sognefjord.

The search operation ended on Sunday night since there is no indication that anyone was in the area when the landslide occurred.

Both emergency services, volunteers and a helicopter went to the scene when the police were notified at 15.17.

A motorist contacted the police when he saw that parts of the road were covered with snow. The emergency services say it is currently unclear whether cars have been caught in the avalanche.

– There is more snow and landslides, mostly snow. It is about 20 meters wide and 3-4 meters high, says operations manager in the police, Knut Dahl-Michelsen.

There are no homes in the area, and the road is not very busy either, Dahl-Michelsen states.

– But there is a ferry that runs in the area, and when it arrives it can be busier, he says.

According to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration locally, the landslides have occurred over Sognefjordveien or the national road between the town of Leikanger and Hella ferry berth in Sogndal municipality.

Håkon Myking, duty commander at the 110 exchange in Bergen, informs VG that the avalanche is still ongoing, and that there are several small avalanches that are triggered in the area where the emergency services work.

– It is an unstable area, says Myking.

He adds that the emergency services are actively working to track down if anyone has been taken by the avalanche, and states that there are no buildings in the avalanche area, perhaps with the exception of some boathouses down by the water.

Deputy mayor of Sogndal municipality, Vibeke Johnsen (Sv), informs VG that the municipality has not yet set crisis staff, but that they are awaiting the situation.

– We have not yet received any more information, and as of now this is in the hands of the emergency services, she says.

Department director Sven Finden in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration West, tells VG that the landslides may have caused damage to the road body.

– There is currently nothing to indicate that there have been people or cars in the avalanche, but this is now being investigated further by the emergency services, Finden says.

CLOSED: Sognefjordvegen on national road 13 is now closed. Photo: Svenn Finden, Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Sognefjordvegen – national road 13 is now closed, and will probably not be reopened today, Vegtrafikksentralen reports.

Several roads were closed until Sunday night due to landslides and avalanche danger, including national road 13 over Vikafjellet.

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