Season for injury Horror quarterback of Washington in the NFL


Shock injuries in the NFL!

In the match between Washington Redskins and Houston Texans (21:23), Redskins quarterback Alex Smith (34) was shot down in the third quarter by Cornerback Kareem Jackson (30).

In the attack, Smith breaks his tibia and fibula. After the scene of horror, Smith is transported from the field, should be operated directly after the game and will be released for the rest of the season.

Bitter for the Redskins: The team of the capital is plagued by injuries this season again and again, has faced several failures.

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Photo: DAZN

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I have to do without the field: Washington quarterback Alex Smith Photo: DAZN

The Washington Redskins remain first in the east division of the NFC despite six wins and four losses.

However, without Smith it will be much more difficult to reach the playoffs.



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